Springtime Preschool Activities

Hi Guys, this week’s blog post is all about Springtime Preschool Activities, and its GALLERY STYLE for extra inspiration. Hopefully these ideas help you to create amazing play invitations for your children!

Bees & Petals Architecture:

This modeling clay invitation encourages hands on manipulative play. Children can construct, stamp, imprint, or replicate photo inspiration. Provide lots of tools and experiment!

Flower Freezing Experiment:

Prepare this the night before a warm day! Hunt for flowers in the evening, freeze them fresh, and work to chisel and melt ice the next day!

Dropper Flowers: Light & Color Mixing Exploration

Use coffee filters, tissue paper, or another translucent material which CAN absorb liquid. Liquid watercolor or food coloring both work great for this one. Let your child drop, squirt, blot, poke, blend, and draw to mix color. Display in lighted surface to observe light transfer!

Easter Sensory Play Invitation:

You can set up Easter play with whatever seasonal things you have at home! I used velvet bunnies, plastic eggs, confetti eggs & Easter grass I had laying around. I provided egg shaped stones, baskets & bowls, and a variety of tools. We cracked eggs, mixed in sprinkles, bathed our bunnies, filled eggs with jewels, and created nests! Limitless options here!

Apple Life-cycle Lesson: Language & Science

This handmade Montessori-style life-cycle lesson is a spin on 3 part cards! I drew my own cards, and hand-stitched miniatures with felt and thread. Allow your child to place sequentially from seed to fruit, match cards with miniatures, and explore language and letter sounds!

Rainbow Lesson: Numbers & Counting

Create lessons like these in 5 minutes or less! I water-colored quick rainbows on watercolor paper, allowed to dry, and cut them out. Use an old egg crate or other tray (with a WRITABLE SURFACE) that was compartments. Identify numbers, count, place, etc.

Rain-cloud Science Experiment:

This activity is so interesting for little ones! Allow your child to drop liquid (one drop at a time) onto a cotton ball hovering over an empty bowl. Explain to the child that the cotton ball is like a dry cloud, absorbing water from the sky. As the cotton ball becomes more and more full, explain to the child that when the “cloud” fills up all the way with “water” it begins to “rain” down! Let the child squeeze out “rain” from the full cloud, and start again!

Spring Theme Classification: Pairing Lesson

This activity encourages logic, and thinking about cause and effect. Use Spring related miniatures that can be paired or grouped. What question do you want your child to answer? The question I asked my daughter for this lesson was? Which things need each other? As she placed the flower, I asked, “What do flowers need to grow?” She picked the rain cloud. The bunny needs the carrot for food, and the egg needs the mama bird to incubate so that it can hatch! This tonging lesson is also great for fine motor development!

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