Natural Finger Paint

Here’s a quick, simple natural finger paint you can make at home! I love ideas that are easy + natural, because it gives us moms a simple way to instill love and interest for nature in our kids without a ton of effort. Start with powdered, plant based ingredients that are vivid in color. If…

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Small World Play Essentials

Miniature worlds are fascinating and wondrous for young children! They get to be masters of these little environments, and explore beautiful materials that transport them to mysterious and amazing lands away from home. Small World Play encourages imagination, investment, and creativity, while providing so many avenues for conversation and knowledge building about people, places, animals, and more!

Below is my list of the most important things to have on hand to create any number of small, amazing worlds. Plus, Check out some of my small world environments you can recreate at home or in the classroom!

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