Barefoot is my take on a simpler, more intuitive life…. Wide open space, getting outdoors, experiencing through the senses, and living in the moment.

Today, we moms are so, so busy and so, so pressured… by everything and everyone. The urge to compare ourselves to others, the strive for perfection, that feeling of not enough time, money, energy, or wherewithal… schedules and lists pulling our attention away from our hearts…. its all just waaaaay too much. So, “barefoot” to me, means slowing down with my children and appreciating the little things, like the grass between our toes, the sound of the ocean, the smell of banana bread baking in the oven, the deep love of a long, quiet snuggle.

Time goes by too fast these days. Our kids will be grown in the blink of an eye, and we can all feel ourselves aging too, even more so with the constant pressure we face! My point is, these times, right NOW, are irreplaceable. They are the moments we will look back on with nostalgia and longing when life slows down and we have time to reflect. I want this blog to be a challenge to myself and to others to avoid letting those moments slip by. To be as present as possible, as carefree as possible, and to commit to shaping your life around that goal, simplifying whatever is necessary in order to achieve it.

the barefoot diary about us

About Me

I’m Danielle, Southern California dwelling mama, beach lover, hike taker, farm girl at heart. I am inspired by natural beauty and always eager to create wonderful things… via food, crafting, painting, gardening, writing, photography, or whatever else happens upon us! I have never been good at sports or athletics, but health and wellness are important parts of my life!

I live with my buff, handy, hard-working carpenter/welder husband, our innovative and hilarious toddler, and have another baby on the way (coming June, 2019)! We hope to relocate to some wide open farm land some day soon, but for now we live in sunny California, enjoying our simple everyday.

A few things about me: I am pretty serious and introverted by nature, trying to be more spontaneous and light-hearted every day. I love words and verbal expression, and love to collect books. But, I really, really, really love a good cookbook! Cooking is my default therapy, and I love being in the kitchen with my little girl. Motherhood is my greatest joy and most fulfilling purpose, and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be a mama. I have learned more about life and myself through motherhood than through anything else…. and Yes, I am most definitely a lifelong learner!

My undergraduate degree and (undying passion) is in the development and education of young children. I spent years teaching and directing preschool programs, before I found my true calling to be at home with my own children to discover real learning with them in the most natural and inspirational way. I love homeschool, the Reggio Emilia approach, project based learning, and the incorporation of nature and practical life skills to everyday discoveries.

My graduate degree (on the other hand) is in Business Admin & Marketing! I was naturally drawn to marketing because of its focus on design & aesthetics. I love beautiful content and love the possibility of providing gorgeous, useful, and inspirational little “packages” to others in the form of Blogging! I have since become inspired to share our lives and all the things I’ve learned in educating young children, as we embark on our own adventure of homeschooling! I am diving into this blogging journey with both feet! I hope to document snippets from our life as we try to live simply, natural, and, well…. barefoot! Most importantly though, I hope to utilize blogging to connect with other mamas. Home school moms, crafty moms, mamas trying to do things naturally, moms looking to simplify life, or just make friends, please feel welcome here!